Now that we have made it through the winter and into February, we are blessed with one of America’s greatest sporting events and some of the best commercials of the year.

The Super Bowl breaks viewing records every year and companies pay top dollar for valuable air time.

Find out why the top commercials were most effective and why some simply did not make the cut.

 2015 Super bowl Commercials & Strategies


Budweiser: Lost Dog

One of the best 2015 Super Bowl commercials is the heartfelt Budweiser commercial featuring the classic Clydesdale horses and of course the cute lost puppy.

The strategy here was to connect feelings and compassion to their products, which is a common strategy used in the 2015 Super bowl commercials. Budweiser was very clever and linked their product, beer, to friendship and family. Most of us truly love throwing back a beer while watching the game with their friends and family. I know I do!

I almost forgot. Who does not love cute and adorable puppies? Add in some beautiful Clydesdales and I know the animal lovers (including myself) are relating to that commercial as well.

Not So Good

Toyota Camry: How Great I Am

Not so good on our list is the inspiring and empowering Toyota Camry commercial featuring Amy Purdy, a Paralympics medal winner and author of “On My Own Two Feet