Amazon Alexa and Ring’s “Brilliant” plan to share your WIFI – a feature you might not want

Alexa Amazon Sidewalk Security Threat

Amazon has recently come up with a “brilliant” plan to share your WiFi. They will auto-enroll you into the Amazon mesh network called Sidewalk. This basically makes your WiFi accessible to other Amazon devices – not just your own, but your neighbors or people walking by your house!

To prevent your WiFi from being shared, please go into “Account Settings” in your Alexa App and “Switch off” Sidewalk or from the “Control Center” in your Ring App.

Here are the devices that will auto-connect unless you disable Sidewalk:
Ring Floodlight Cam (2019), Ring Spotlight Cam Wired (2019), Ring Spotlight Cam Mount (2019), Echo (3rd gen and newer), Echo Dot (3rd gen and newer), Echo Dot for Kids (3rd gen and newer), Echo Dot with Clock (3rd gen and newer), Echo Plus (all generations), Echo Show (all generations), Echo Spot, Echo Studio, Echo Input, and Echo Flex.

This will need to be done yet this week, as the Sidewalk feature goes live next week.
You need to think about security according to Vinay, because the more convenience you have, the less privacy you have. Our security recommendation is to turn the feature off. This will also prevent your data from being shared with others around.