Jingle Bell’s Scams are in

Online scams - Jingle Bell Scam

How are you going to keep safe? Happy Holidays!! And ‘tis the season of joy and scamming – more so this year than before, since more online shopping will be done than ever before. So, what types of scams are we looking at and how do you prevent being a victim? 1) Email scam about […]

Protection From Hackers: Working From Home Safely

Even during normal times, working from home can leave your data open to hackers, and these definitely aren’t normal times. There are millions of people across the globe that have been ordered to stay indoors to “flatten the curve.” This is obviously in terms of the infection rate of the COVID-19 strain of the coronavirus. […]

A Website Without Good Traffic Is Not Going to Help Your Business

Depending on your niche, you may not need millions of visitors each month to make your website successful. Even if you have a much lower web traffic volume, you will still benefit provided you can attract high-quality traffic, that is, serious prospects for your website. Here is how you can generate high-quality traffic for your […]

Cyber Security for Small Business

According to the findings of Accenture, cybercrimes are projected to cost an aggregate of $5.2 trillion around the world in the next 5 years. Therefore, cybersecurity for small businesses is of paramount importance. The cost of each cybercrime is on the rise as well. Each cybercrime costs businesses an average of 14 million dollars. With […]