One thing I’m sure we all agree on is the enjoyment of receiving the gift of employee appreciation, especially from the company you work extremely hard for all year long. Employee appreciation can be numerous things and does not always need to be monetary.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it may be a great opportunity for employee appreciation. Give back to your employees this year and build a stronger relationship with them. It is a formula for success and will significantly benefit your business in the future and in the long run.

How MEGAstream Media Shows Employee Appreciation

At MEGAstream Media, we consistently maintain a positive and enthusiastic work environment for our employees. Our mindset is that comfortable and happy employees are far more efficient and they simply enjoy being at work much more. This creates an organized workplace and results in effective team collaboration on a daily basis.

We also provide perks to show employee appreciation and let them know we truly are thankful for their hard work. One of the employee favorites is the free gym membership they immediately receive once they are hired. The gym is a great way to blow off steam and emphasizes a healthy attitude and lifestyle.

Another employee appreciation perk we provide is called “Flex Time” and allows our employees to have a flexible period for sick days throughout the year. Besides their paid sick days for the year, every employee is allowed to receive extra paid time when they go over their limit. Things happen in life whether you are sick, a family member is sick or emergencies that cannot be avoided happen and we understand.

Here are a few ways companies are showing employee appreciation and giving back in 2015.

Company Volunteering Programs

Corporate or company volunteering programs are quickly becoming the norm and are important to the business, employees and of course the local community. Volunteering is a great way to display employee appreciation as well as community appreciation.

Having an company volunteer program shows the world that your brand actually cares and can improve business reputation which in turn improves business revenue. This is huge because most companies choose not to give back even though they have the means right in front of them. Finding a positive volunteer program that is relevant to your company is well worth it and will significantly impact reputation for your business.

A growing number of young and bright employees are demanding the opportunity to add a volunteer program that is not only supportive, but inspiring as well. Many of these employees are eager to contribute and make a difference in the community and statistics show that companies that embrace volunteer program are truly benefiting now and into the future.

Employee Workplace/Perks

Providing a positive and enthusiastic work environment can drastically improve employee morale, organization, performance and most importantly, your business. The best part about a positive workplace is the drive to constantly improve and succeed it brings out of the employees. This lethal combination is a clear path to company success and growth.

The workplace should also be a place where employees love to be. Some companies provide a gym, shower, locker rooms, tennis courts, break rooms, game rooms, complementary snacks, drinks and much, much more. Not all companies can afford a tennis court, but there are numerous ways to improve the perks at the workplace to truly benefit your employees which will in turn benefit your business.  When employees love to be at the workplace, their morale, motivation, passion and enthusiasm improve resulting in a stellar work ethic.

Overall Employee Appreciation

Simply showing your employees appreciation can be the single most important way to help them to be the best they can be and stay motivated.
It starts with the employer setting the example on a consistent basis with a commitment to high standards and customer service.

Communication is crucial and will not only improve productivity and efficiency, but lets them know you value their role on the team.
Employee feedback is valuable and will show the employees you care about them and is extremely helpful when implementing policies or rules that will affect them.

Positive reinforcement, recognition, contests, incentives and perks are fun for employees and will encourage them to do their best while reminding them you appreciate their hard work.

Employee appreciation is extremely important to businesses and will produce the best results for your company. It can be shown in numerous ways and is proven to increase workplace efficiency. If your business is not working on an employee appreciation program, it is definitely time to consider it for the future.