How to Holiday Party in a Virtual World

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

How are your Holiday Plans going? We are guessing you are stressed! We at MEGAstream are here to help in more ways than just the IT aspects of your Holidays.

Your virtual Holiday Party can be held over your meeting platform of choice – Zoom, GotoMeeting, Cisco WebEx, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, even WhatsApp or Google Duo. And here are some fun ideas to get the partying and fun going.

1) Online Holiday Bingo: Same as the Bingo Game, but with Holiday theme. Email Bingo Cards to all – make sure you don’t duplicate the Bingo cards and then select your host to call the items. Various web sites will provide you themed Bingo cards. Figure out what to do for prizes – we did “virtual vacation” giveaways – meaning you give them an emailed postcard from some exotic place!!
2) Virtual Scavanager Hunt of “Show and Tell”: Come up with things to look for in your background – so don’t use a virtual background. Let everyone know of say 5 items they have to find, based on the clues you give. Something like a yellow sock on your shoulder, or “find Mickey” while you are wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt.
With “Show and Tell” – categories like the Favorite Ugly Sweater – let everyone comment on it.
3) Trivia: Pick the type of Trivia the group will enjoy – if they are Harry Potter fans or Wine aficionados, or come up with Holiday questions. We had people use a set of Dry Erase cards. Put the answer on the card and hold it up!
4) For the kids – a small Craft: Art or card item to make. Make sure you let everyone know of the items needed, and keep them simple – paper, markers, coloring pencils, glue sticks, paper towel tubes.
5) Pictionary/Charades: These games get to be funnier and more fun when on virtual screens – think about it, someone trying to act like a puppy keeps disappearing off the screen! Let the laughs begin as you see parts of the person acting that out while they don’t realize they are not in the frame anymore!
6) Special Foods or Food: Can’t have a party without food! So have your snacks/meal ready. Set aside time for everyone to eat and show off your foods. Some may make the others drool – and that makes memories.
7) Depending on your traditions and whom the party is with: Open Gifts!
Have fun, enjoy with family and friends and hope these ideas are useful. Make special memories of this unique year, for once you are able to get together, those hugs and kisses will mean so much more!!