Jingle Bell’s Scams are in

Online scams - Jingle Bell Scam

How are you going to keep safe?

Happy Holidays!! And ‘tis the season of joy and scamming – more so this year than before, since more online shopping will be done than ever before.

So, what types of scams are we looking at and how do you prevent being a victim?

1) Email scam about your online shopping or delivery. If you have placed 5 orders from 5 different places and get what appears to be a FedEx notice about an attempted delivery, you will likely check to see why there was a failed delivery. Similarly, if you get a notice about your payment not being processed by Macy’s or Amazon, you may be inclined to click on the link to fix it.

2) Text or phone call, saying there was an issue with the order you place online with your credit card and they need to get the details again.

3 tips to keep you safe from scams:

1) Know whom you are ordering from and check the shipping resource. Say you ordered from Macy’s and they advise that shipping will be via UPS and another order through Target will use FedEx, make a note of both, keeping a spreadsheet or similar quick access list. Then if you get a failed delivery from FedEx, go to the Target web site and login to check the status of your order there – you were expecting the package from FedEx through Target only. Now if it was a scam, you will get delivery information as well as expected due date on the web site. If it was a proper notice, you still secured yourself from a potential threat.

2) Do not give anyone info about your credit card or other info. Call the customer service number you get off the sales receipt or on the company’s web site. Do NOT call any numbers that are not listed on their web site especially when they are left on voice mail.

*Fake calls from Apple and Amazon support

3) Make sure you are aware of when deliveries are expected. This makes it easier for you to plan having someone receive them or pick them from your door, before the items get picked by thieves. If you already have a camera or camera door bells, have it notify you, so within a few minutes after the item is dropped off, you can bring it in.

On the same note, various delivery companies including the USPS allow you to sign up for delivery notifications. Once an item has shipped, you can enable notification and get valid info on your shipment.

Stay Safe and Scam Free. If you have questions or need assistance, contact us.