Now that the new Indiana Religious Freedom law has passed, the details are becoming clear and the discrimination is inevitable. This new law makes it legal for private businesses to refuse services and employment to anyone they choose based not on merit, but on religious beliefs. It seems homosexuals will be targeted by this new law, but women, Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Atheists and even people that have tattoos can be targeted as well.  This law legalizes blatant discrimination for private businesses.

MEGAstream Media DOES NOT support this new Religious Freedom law.

At MEGAstream Media, we provide equal opportunity employment for anyone who is qualified, holds high character and standards and can get the job done. Discrimination is not acceptable in our business and we hire based on work ethics, work performance, abilities and talent, not on skin color, gender, religious beliefs, orientation or anything else that is irrelevant to the position at hand.

We provide high quality B2B video, web design and internet marketing services nationwide and have clients all over the country. Our clients are multiple nationalities, from all over the world, with multiple religions and beliefs. It is not for us to judge and discriminate those we are here to serve in the community, the state and the country.

We qualify our clients to ensure that our services are not only right for them, but will truly empower their business to succeed. Our qualification process has nothing to do with religion, race, orientation, gender or anything else that is irrelevant to the project at hand. It is based exclusively on what services would be best for each client to ensure a personalized proposal along with a well thought out plan of action.

For those of you interested in doing business with a company that does not tolerate discrimination or

the new Religious Freedom law in Indiana, please feel free to contact our experts at

MEGAstream Media today for professional service from a professional company.