I started my career as a videographer back in the early 90s. Back then video equipment was big, heavy, and expensive. Every production, whether big or small, required multiple crew members and large vehicles to haul the equipment around. Video editors had to use a new video tape each time they sent a copy to clients. They had to contend with lost or damaged tapes any time they shipped them.

Today, equipment is smaller, lighter, and inexpensive. While bigger productions still require multiple crew members and large production vehicles, a good majority of them can be handled by one or two crew members. Video editors now send everything to clients online. The change in technology allowed video production and editing to become more streamlined.


The world of B2B marketing is no different. What was the norm back then is highly inefficient now. Are you still solely relying on print material in hopes that your dealers are always using them? How often do they have your newest product updates in hand? Watch this short video and let this image sink in for a moment.



Pretty unnerving, isn’t it? Even if you are incorporating digital content, how do you know distributors are opening emails or logging onto a sales portal and replacing old content with the most up-to-date material?

Let’s look at trade show engagements. How many steps does it take for a sales rep to go from initial contact to post trade show follow-up? Too many. You get a potential client’s business card. Talk about their needs. Right down some quick notes about them. Enter their information into your company’s CRM. Transfer their information into an automated email delivery system, and send the leads to distributors. How many of those leads will fall through the cracks in between steps? How many leads will be forgotten about or never called upon? Even with newer lead generation technology, such as trade show scanners, there are problems. Sales reps or hired models blindly scan badges where the info goes to a general list with no notes and no way to track which sales rep spoke to which customer. Often times hired models scan anyone they can find which leads to a list that might be over 50% to 80% garbage data.


In both examples, there are variables that keep a business from maximizing their marketing potential. Top marketing gurus have pointed out problems most B2B companies face with their marketing efforts.

Lee Odden, CEO of Top Rank Online Marketing composed a study where he found that, “Nine out of 10 marketers said the most inefficient areas of their content marketing efforts are meeting task deadlines and redundant content creation. A majority of marketers also blamed coordination issues — related to everything from people and channels to versions and schedule — for content inefficiencies. What’s more, most respondents said they use various and disparate technologies to support their content marketing creation and distribution efforts, such as email marketing platforms, spreadsheets, project management tools, and content management systems.”



Peter Mollins posted a blog at knowledgetree.com titled “3 Problems Sales Has With Your Content”, citing that sales teams aren’t using great available content for the following reasons:

  1. Can’t Find Anything.As your company adds products, target industries, and geographies, you’re likely adding volumes of new content. Where do these materials get placed? On a sales portal, shared drive, or other holding area. Sales teams don’t have time to hunt for content. If they leave their daily process and search for content, they’re wasting time. And even if they did search, the tidal wave of materials on the average sales portal is so overwhelming they don’t know what to choose.
  2. Can’t Find Relevant Materials. Sales people need to advance conversations with their prospects. If they use content in this process, it has to match the buyer they’re working with. A classic example is a sales presentation. You likely have a “buffet” slide deck filled with dozens of slides, many of which don’t match the sales situation. When sales people can’t find relevant material, like slides, they’re more likely to create their own materials. That means significant wasted time and inefficiency.
  3. Don’t Know What Content Works.Sales people often ask their peers, the sales enablement team, or marketing for advice on content. “Which content should I use for this sales situation?” or “Which presentation is a winner?”. Applying best practices to your content is a critical way to match your best materials to each sales situation. But if you don’t know what really is effective in the field, and you’re relying on intuition, you can’t expect the sales team to have confidence in using your content.



But just like video production, technology and innovation can streamline how you approach B2B marketing and get better ROI in the process. It can solve your sales team’s problems and help them maximize their sales. That is where our innovative app comes into play.


The MEGAstream Marketing App is an all-in-one mobile solution for your company’s B2B marketing. You can organize and publish all of your marketing materials to all of your sales reps, distributors, and even your distributor’s sales reps. Enable distribution of your materials directly through the app to prospects. Send pdfs, images and videos through email without worrying about size limitations to prospects. This is possible even when you are off-line!

When uploading new product materials, the app can schedule when they should be released and how long each product is considered “new”.

It tracks who has opened your marketing materials and it will produce reports and analytics on the effectiveness of those materials. It produces powerful reports to monitor and evaluate the performance of your marketing material through the sales channel. Interactive reports give an in-depth view of your distributor and sales team engagement in the field. Activity reports show activity of distributors and their sales reps, as well as your sales teams. Comparative analytics spot trends in product and market segments.

You can create email campaigns directly through the MEGAstream! Engage with your sales team, distributors and sales reps through mobile friendly emails. It has an easy drag and drop composer. Powerful analytics track engagement and prospect activity.

MEGAstream also has a powerful drag and drop forms builder which can be used in any capacity such as obtaining orders, samples and lead capture at trade shows. Forms work even without an internet connection.

With all of these powerful tools under the hood, you no longer have to use separate software for email marketing, forms, file sharing, and sales portals.

The MEGAstream Marketing App is the perfect solution to streamline your B2B marketing and insure that your company is getting the most out of your sales team, your distributors, and your ROI.

To learn more, contact MEGAstream Media at 317-582-0244 or email us at sales@megastreamapps.com