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Website design is an important facet of your online presence since it can bring several benefits- both monetary and intangible. You can enjoy greater website traffic and higher rankings on search results with a website design that is optimized for SEO. Here is how great website design can bring the following benefits to your business.

Attracts Smartphone Traffic

Optimizing your website design for mobile traffic is now more important than ever before. 58 percent of all web traffic in 2018 came from mobile devices. 54 percent of US internet users do their online shopping via smartphone as of January 2019. Mobile web traffic will only rise with time.

Hence, your website design should be mobile-friendly. That is, it should load seamlessly on all kinds of smartphone screens, should be highly responsive and must have a quick loading time.

If you fall short on any of these counts, then you will suffer from a high bounce rate – frustrated users will simply close the webpage and go elsewhere. Google takes strong notice of this key metric and if your bounce rate is high, your website will take an SEO hit and come lower down in SERPs.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that mobile users will be more forgiving – they are not. They expect the same lightning-quick loading times and responsiveness as laptops and PCs.

Website design is paramount for satisfactory user experience. Good user experience is the key to low bounce rates and higher conversions and click-through rates – key metrics that rank you higher on SERPs.

Increases Valuable Traffic Through Compelling Design

While getting traffic is imperative, gaining the attention of valuable prospects is even more imperative. With the right website design, you can attract the attention of serious prospects who may become lifelong customers.

You can give your website a professional touch through customized design using fonts, imagery, style elements, widgets, and design features that highlight your business persona. All of these factors can combine to create a favorable impression on prospects and convince them to do business with you.

Users are now quick to recognize template websites. The low-quality design aspects of these readymade sites cast a poor impression and turn away serious customers from your business.

Provides a Great Return on Investment

As long as you work on website maintenance and SEO, you will keep getting a good return on investments. The fees that you pay for such services are often insignificant compared to higher web traffic and the resultant expansion of the customer base and revenue.

During the first few months of improved website design, you will notice that people are staying longer and clicking through to other pages on your site.

If you have optimized your website for conversions, you may also notice some increase in conversions.

Google pays attention to such interactions and ranks your website higher as a result. Hence, you will see higher organic traffic – traffic not driven by ads.

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