By now I hope you are using video to promote your business. Posting your business video on your website is crucial for SEO marketing and website visitor retention. Not to mention that video helps customers virtually “kick the tires” on your products and services. Videos help visitors to further get to know your business.

Video is commonplace now. Companies of all sizes have Youtube channels, Facebook pages, Instagram and more. The quality of their videos ranges from smartphone selfies to high end commercial productions. No matter the production quality, some videos are engaging, and some are not. Many factors determine whether a viewer will find a video engaging or not.

Obviously the most important factor in whether a visitor will watch your business video is relevance. The user is searching for your product or services, and with good SEO keywords, your video comes up in a search and boom! There it is. Job well done. Right? Not necessarily. This is only the first step in customer engagement. Think of the internet as a taxi bringing a customer to your business. The customer steps out of the cab and now looks at your store front. That store front might be the home page of your website or it might be a direct video link. Will that customer like what he or she sees? If the customer doesn’t like the appearance of your business, he or she will move on. You just lost a sale.

So how do you get a customer to become engaged through video? Knowing your audience and being creative. This is important for you as a business owner to understand and take ownership of. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in pre-production meetings with clients and when we start to discuss ideas I hear the words, “Well, you’re the expert. You tell me.” While it is true, a good video producer should be bringing great ideas to the table, the business owner is the expert in his or her field and ultimately knows what his or her clients will respond positively to.

There are 3 elements of creativity in a business video no matter what your budget:

  1. Existing Company Branding
  2. Messaging
  3. Animation


You’ve spent time and money developing your company logo. You thought about the color scheme and what fonts to use. Hopefully those are integrated into your website. They should also be used in your business video. Consistency and uniformity gives visitors a feeling of trust. It shows you are professional and detail-oriented. The video producer has the ability to take that color scheme and use it for titles, graphics, transitions, etc. Your logo can also be animated to make an interesting open to your video and elements of it could be used throughout. Here are a few examples of how we used company branding to make a relatively straight-forward video more visually appealing.



You need to show users what your company is all about, but how do you want to come across? This is where you as a business owner need to know your audience. Do you want to come across as exciting, fun, serious, empathetic? Take a look at these examples from an accounting firm. This particular firm wanted to break the stigma of accounting being seen as boring, so they came up with the idea to parody popular commercials for their recruiting videos.

The actors in these examples are the firm’s employees and families. They had determination to make it a well-executed representation of the firm’s fun-loving nature. While a parody might not be suited for every business video, it shows how a company can use creativity to get great results.


While most companies are not going to have budgets for high-end 3D animation like something Pixar would produce, there are practical ways to use animation that won’t break the bank. One example we already covered is animating your company logo. The other example is to do a completely animated video. Here are two examples of relatively low cost animated videos that gave the clients tremendous results.

Hopefully these examples will get you thinking about how to creatively deliver your message. Still not sure how to come up with those ideas? We can help you. Call MEGAstream Media at 317-582-0244 or email us with your questions: